How to Purchase Cryptocurrency on Binance Connect
Congratulations! After your account has been successfully verified, you can purchase your first cryptocurrency on Binance Connect.
1. Select the fiat currency you will use to pay and the cryptocurrency you want to purchase.
2. Enter your wallet address for your cryptocurrencies purchase. Please ensure that you select the correct network and enter the correct address.
If you’re using Binance Connect through a partner wallet application, your wallet address will be automatically passed to us. your correct wallet address, and so you don’t need to tell us where to send your cryptocurrency.
3. Add your preferred credit card which you're going to use as a payment method. Check that the correct card is selected and click “Confirm”.
You can add or change your credit card details anytime when the need arises. Please note that you can only add up to 5 cards in your account.
4. That’s it ! You have now performed the purchase of your first cryptocurrency on Binance Connect once you submit your order!
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